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She knew her uncle had asked Quinn to look after her while she recovered from an accident. But wasn' t marriage taking it a bit far' Quinn claimed he needed a wife, but he didn't strike Candy as a man who needed anyone! Many women had tried to get him to the alter, so what really lay behind his proposal'.

The Greek tycoon's bride by Helen Brooks Book 16 editions published between and in 4 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Confronted with Andreas Karydis, Sophy is convinced arrogance is a Karydis family trait! Wealth, power, devastating looks-no wonder Andreas has women falling at his feet Spending the summer at his Greek home, Sophy is relieved when Andreas insists on separate rooms.

Only, then she discovers why he doesn't want her as his mistress-he wants her as his bride! A whirlwind marriage by Helen Brooks Book 11 editions published between and in 3 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Zeke Buchanan had swept Marianne off her feet, and their two-year marriage had been perfect-until recently… Their physical passion was as strong as ever, but was Zeke starting to regret their impulsive wedding?

The beautiful Liliana was clearly interested in more than a business relationship with Zeke. Was he tempted? Marianne was determined to save her marriage and prove to her husband that their honeymoon wasn't over, it was only just beginning! Christmas at his command by Helen Brooks Book 12 editions published between and in 4 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Marigold couldn't wait to spend the festive season in her friend's cottage, without a man in sight!

But after injuring her ankle, she was thrown on the mercy of her arrogant neighbor instead, handsome surgeon Flynn Moreau. Flynn took charge and insisted Marigold stay with him. They were alone together in his palatial home, and the blizzard raging outside was soon matched by the storm of passion within. Marigold's New Year's resolution had been to stay happily single, but first she must survive the temptation of her blatantly sensual captor.

Sleeping partners by Helen Brooks Book 15 editions published between and in 6 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Clay agrees to finance Robyn's PR business and he seems more interested in her now than he was previously.


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Especially when her playboy boss makes it plain that he longs to get to know his chaste secretary rather better His marriage ultimatum by Helen Brooks Book 12 editions published between and in 3 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide Carter Blake is used to getting his own way - he didn't become a billionaire by taking no for an answer! And he has to have shy, virginal Liberty Fox. He'll charm and seduce her into becoming his But Liberty is not ripe for Carter's picking.

To possess her, Carter is forced to make one final ultimatum Audience Level. Related Identities.

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Anamaria Viale wasn't readily apparent amidst the tuxedo and evening gown-clad crowd circulating through the candlelit foyer. All he remembered from when he'd seen her at her mother's funeral was a sad, sallow face and too much dark hair. She'd been thirteen years old.

The photo in the magazine gave little more information; she had good teeth. Anamaria Viale possessed the qualities he was looking for in a wife: loyalty, health and a shared love of this land and its grapes. Her family's vineyard would be an asset to his own; together they would rule an empire and create a dynasty. Nothing else mattered. Impatiently, he strode into the castle's medieval hall. Shadows danced along the stone walls and he felt the curious stares of neighbours, acquaintances and a few friends.

He heard the murmur of speculative whispers travel around the ancient hall in a ripple of suppressed sound and knew he was their subject. He hadn't been back in Veneto for more than a day or two at a time in the last fifteen years. He'd kept away from the place and its memories and regrets. His fingers closed around the fragile stem as a matter of instinct and he inhaled the spicy, fruity scent of a bold red.

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What do you think? He wanted to find Anamaria. You're home then? You're going to make some wine? His round cheeks were already rosy with drink and he smiled with the genial bonhomie of an old family friend, although his eyes were shrewd. Castle Cazlevara produces nine hundred thousand bottles a year. He smiled. At this thought, his forced smile turned genuine, even though his eyes remained hard. He was too impatient; he knew that. When he made a decision, he wanted it carried out immediately, instantly. He'd decided to marry Anamaria Viale nearly a week ago; it felt like an eternity. He wanted it done; he wanted her vineyard joined to his, he wanted her joined to him, in his bed, by his side, being a wife.

Paolo smiled slyly and Vittorio forced himself to smile back.