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I obviously don't agree with discrimination and racism, I just believe that given the circumstances of that time, the claims of John Hanson president of the Continental Congress are untrue. Will you please help me prove this to my friend, beyond doubt? John Hanson, who held the office that was known officially as "President of the United States in Congress Assembled" from November 5, to November 4, , died in November long before the invention of photography.

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The African-American man in the photograph that you saw on a website could not have been this John Hanson. The possibility remains that the John Hanson in question had one or more African ancestors, either known or not known to his colleagues or even to himself. Bruce Kremer, one of Hanson's biographers, states that Hanson's grandfather and his three brothers emigrated in from Sweden to the recently formed New Sweden settlement on the Delaware River with newly appointed Governor Johan Printz.

Whether this Andrew was the same man as John Hanson's great-uncle, "must be a matter of conjecture," Kremer concludes.


One could conjecture, therefore, that John Hanson had an African ancestor as he may have been related to a man described as a freeman, that is, a freed black slave. Yet, the term freeman, in the context of the 17th-century New Sweden colony, did not indicate a freed black slave, as one might assume. According to Gregory B. Those who believe that John Hanson was black might argue that his signing of the Proclamation of the Freemen of Maryland lends credence to the claim of African heritage.

The Freemen of Maryland, however, was not an association of freed black slaves but of men advocating resistance to what they perceived as British tyranny in the period that led to the colonists' break with England. On July 26, , the Freemen of Maryland resolved that the American colonies "be put into a state of defense" and approved armed resistance to British troops.

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  • The Internet provides proponents of conspiracy theories with a way to reach a vast audience. Googling the phrase "John Hanson first black president" retrieves more than , hits. Skip Navigation. Money The easiest path to becoming a self-made millionaire, according to money expert Tom Corley, Contributor.

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    VIDEO When Elon Musk had an existential crisis at age 14, he read this book. Make It. Don't Miss:.

    Author Dave Eggers in conversation with President Barack Obama

    Trending Now. There are 4 main paths to becoming a millionaire—and this is the easiest one, says money expert. And you can provide nothing but more inane blarherring. Too lazy or too lazy to check it out for yourself. Keep your crap to yourself, bobby boy. Now go back to your pigsty. Yes, Gruber refers to intelligent, informed voters as stupid and ignorant and people like you believe him. That says more about you than it does about me.

    That probably explains your confusion. You are funny, in a dumb way, but funny still. Pathetic dimwit …. Do you have transcripts? Copies of complaints with the details?

    Was There an African American President Before Barack Obama?

    If so please send to davidcay me. Please remember what I told you before. He knows what I am talking about. And you want to nominate Walker as your WH candidate. Maybe there are no blacks at Corrections headquarters because non black employees are doing a great job. And regardless of affirmative action, work is a meritocracy. It has nothing to do with skin color. It has to do with who is better. Mark: It is not that. Please provide detailed plans and blueprints of the time machine that you used to verify your information regarding future events.

    From whence does he get the audacity to criticise Mexican immigrants returning to a stolen land? And when will we see a list of 21 questions for Mrs. Bill Clinton? Never mind! He ordered pursuit! Was Elian Gonzales an illegal alien or not? Is it too much to ask that our attorney-general NOT be a criminal?? Ever hear of Jerad Miller? Amanda Miller? They were murderers!

    They murdered cops and mutilated the bodies! They were killed, in a gunfight, with police!

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    They were members of the Cliven Bundy gang! Perfectly clear? You may not like her answers, but pretending she is getting a free pass is, as a minimum, disingenuous. I would like to learn more about her friendship with Saul Alinsky. In addition, I think it would be helpful to be able to read her sealed Welsley College thesis that was about her mentor, Saul Alinsky. Oh wait.. I have a friend in Phoenix.

    Is this the secret of his success, to choose local issues to get national attention? The focus is on what the candidates say during their marketing campaigns some call them political campaigns. Voters should be paying more attention to the background, governing records, and voting records than the sales speeches made during the campaigns.

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    Posts such as this one contain far more important information than the pronouncements made by candidates and the media which has no legal responsibility to report truthfully. And believe me, they will. En masse, as the catholics put it. I am absolutely astounded by just how unhinged the republicans have become, and how spectacularly their party has imploded. And all because of one man. Barack Obama. They made his defeat and destruction their sole aim in life, their only priority, and have built their entire political agenda around this.

    And he beat them.

    See a Problem?

    The mere fact that he has not only survived but made significant progress with HIS agenda has driven them mad, completely and utterly mad. And this madness is now coalescing around Donald Trump, who is literally everything that Obama is not.

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    Really bad move, there. Ah, sweet, sweet schadenfreude. But now to see how, the first African American President has just destroyed them is amazing. And he has beat them at almost every turn. His people in Kenya were trading slaves to the Arabs. How he got AAs to vote for him is beyond me. Oh I forgot, they voted for him bc they voted on skin color. Typical low information voters. Too funny.