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The results of this ruling were joyfully summed up by U.

We believe the highest and most profound spiritual wisdom imparted to humanity through humanity is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Corporations are not people and to manipulate legal interpretations of corporate personhood, to call them such, is a blatant distortion of spiritual truth which opens the door to dreadful consequences.

While some late New Thought adherents spent inordinate amounts of time interpreting the various apocalyptic prophesies of a variety of religions, focusing primarily on the mental illness that manifests through Abrahamic traditions. New Thought Millennials embrace the wisdom taught in Chapter 3 of the Lotus Sutra that apocalyptic prophesies, predicting the world will perish in a pool of fire, are simply nonsense stories designed to manipulate certain people in ancient times.

We know these to be false prophesies leading to dismal and destructive behavior. We are aware of the teaching in Chapter 15 of the Lotus Sutra that when many people fall into such false delusions, the Bodhisattvas of the Earth will emerge and begin teaching the higher wisdom which will awaken higher wisdom in all who hear. We understand that the Bodhisattvas of the Earth are those people with the courage and fortitude to speak the truth even when it is unpopular, especially when the truth is essential to the preservation of life, love and freedom.

In , Thomas Picketty published the most important work in economics in over years.

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For the first time in history, computers were used to crunch the numbers going all the way back to the 16th Century providing insights undergirded by a firm foundation of economic history. Coming on the heels of economic destruction wrought by those who discarded the lessons learned by previous generations, Capital in the Twenty-First Century shows that democracy and human rights provide, those parts of humanity embracing them, the tools to insure ongoing peace and prosperity.

Piketty transformed economic discourse through recognizing certain essential principles necessary to maintenance of a society's peace and prosperity: A. FU-ists ask "why economic inequality matters? Economic inequality historically leads to internal social dissent, terrorism and revolution. Among the world's nations, Iceland's parliament, the Althing, was formed in by Vikings, yet the United States maintains the distinction of being oldest republic in the world which has not experienced any radical change.

Early founding fathers such as Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson provided essential paradigms regarding human rights. Early taxation within the USA was based on tariffs and provided protection for nascent industries. With the evolution of technology and development of new methods of finance, governance had to evolve in order to protect human rights in the face of the overwhelming concentration of wealth by small groups and individuals who had no scruples with regard to the rights of regular folk.

In decadent societies human rights are not considered important. Generally decadent societies are rooted within cultures that recognize particular religions. However today's corporations are accruing increasing power throughout the world and through unbridled power due to a failure to regulate these "Bodies Without Souls", thus said entities are increasingly presenting a Clear and Present Danger to the spiritual and material existence of humanity.

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This concentration of wealth and consequent accumulation of power is endangering the global biosphere as these entities suppress regulations in order to increase profits. A culture which acts without regard to the rights of humanity to a healthy global biosphere, endangering the safety and well being of all life on earth, is by definition decadent because such actions signal a decay of the underlying foundations of Civil Society which is leading to destructive patterns that echo the destructive tendencies of previous decadent societies with regard to human rights.

This decline in attendance correlates with the abandonment of key Core Concepts of New Thought by those ministers whose primary mentality was that which the writers term "late New Thought. Spiritual leaders that recognized this truth were on the forefront of human spiritual development.

Sadly not all spiritual leaders embraced this truth and took on the mantle of leadership to support social transformation in alignment with the highest spiritual teaching. In some cases this was due to the constraints of laws within their societies which codified racial discrimination and thus engendered fear on the part of spiritual leaders to oppose such laws.

In some cases ministers with good hearts made the mistake of embracing nonsense teachings which have nothing to do with New Thought. Some ministers lost their way in their quest for riches or power at the expense of others. These ministers left the fold, but at times created confusion. They were not New Thought leaders. They were simply spiritual leaders who fell under "the thrall. While lesser spiritual leaders are looking for a job on the stage, great New Thought leaders are the producers behind the scenes.

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While at times they in the spotlight, most of the time they are mentoring others. The great New Thought leaders can be recognized by the fact that they are not seeking the greatest number of followers, rather such Spiritual Leaders are invested in creating the greatest number of teachers.

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Some Spiritual Leaders have purchased "Crystal Beds" to make money. Such individuals are not truly New Thought leaders, in fact, they are often the same people offering "pilgrimages" to John of God or pricey seminars in the mountains with the bonus of a "Jar of Celestial Substance. We must also recognize that some New Thought "Transdenominations" are sending conflicting messages through their embrace of such "nonsense teachings". Selling nonsense products, or teaching nonsense teachings is not New Thought.

Nonsense teachings are like the dancing clowns that distract compassionate caretakers enabling alligators in scenic lakes to devour their children. They are not worth the price paid because they are more likely to mislead and delude than to enlighten and empower. Some folks may fool themselves into believing that meditation upon a crystal in their rectums is opening the door to success, but this is simply nonsense. Such shaped crystals may slide in easily but are simply hard rocks that smell bad when they are removed from the nether regions. The motor teaching of New Thought is that "as we change our thinking, we change our lives.

The only challenge for some spiritual leaders is that heads placed in the nether regions may take more effort to remove than shaped stones. If the reader is aware of someone practicing Crystal Colonics or whose head is so positioned, please demonstrate some compassion by helping such individuals to bring these objects to the light, sanitize them and cease such practices. New Thought Truth Principles appeal to intelligent compassionate souls. Nonsense appeals to those seeking easy answers and willing to ignore the truth.

While the ignorant, or those who are "blind believers," might accept anything; New Thought Leaders are tasked to present Truth Teachings. Pushing "nonsense teachings" is not New Thought. While lies may be a vehicle for making money, they cannot be purveyed as New Thought because lies are not truth. New Thought Millennials are not interested in nonsense teachings which do not have a scientific basis. Teach New Thought and drop the nonsense.

While many leaders trained in the New Thought movement of the late 20th Century teach "tithing", late New Thought adherents don't appear to practice what they preach. While late New Thought communities tithe in compliance with contracts to their 'parent institutions', the vast majority do not contribute time and energy locally to nurture those in need, nor tithe to efforts and institutions that support their existence.

One can easily verify this truth by looking through the www. The writer must draw the readers attention to a time in which I was interning with Dr.

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The Colorado pastor had found herself in the hell of her own creation through an inability to practice what we teach. Going through the FindACenter. It is a story of the abandonment of New Thought principles and consequent poverty and subsistence on charity. I wish I could say otherwise, but that is the truth. Next time someone asks "why is New Thought growing while attendance at New Thought Communities keeps shrinking? We are not asked to prevaricate or embrace dismal lies about future apocalypse.

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We are tasked to work today, in the NOW, and thereby to create a better tomorrow for all souls. This means we must discard destructive patterns rooted in the Dominator paradigm and teach the Partnership paradigm which is rooted in truth and science. We cannot lie about the challenges we face or problems of today. In the face of Global Climate Chaos, we are tasked to encourage the creation of renewable energy resources.

Confronted with the fact that past collisions of asteroids have wiped out all life on earth, we are tasked with the creation of satellite systems that can provide early warning of impending problems, in combination with technology to prevent them. Awakening to the reality that earthquakes can lead to devastating tsunamis, we are tasked to create warning systems to enable endangered populations to remove themselves from their path.

Spiritual leadership is not about following trends, it is about being on the forefront of teaching higher thought and present wisdom. Those who watch the pain and oppression of others, and do nothing, are not leaders, they are simply observers, or worse they are followers. Stand up for that which is good. Do not lie or attempt to say that what is bad is the same as what is good. Assault, Rape, Murder and Abuse are not good.

Environmental degradation is not good. Global Climate choas is not good. Terrorism is not good. Unlike Christian Science, New Thought does not reject medicine, or reject healing through enhancing the immune system. New Thought is not illusionist. New Thought is not Christian Science. New Thought is Wisdom.

Wisdom is the combination of knowledge with compassion.