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He wasn't of this world, this blood-haired boy. He was from a fantasy where faeries and pixies danced through the woods and slept in dewy beds of twigs and petals He was born from alchemy, created by twisting storm clouds and rays of sunshine together. Ancel, so calm and cool and collected, is a sharp arrow, ready to strike, haunted by his own shadow.


Rust sees the beauty in everything Why would I want to catch dreams? Dreams should be free to wander and explore, learning where they belong and to whom.

Sunny Jack Obande.

I'd never want to hold something so precious in my hands. This book will break you. But there are fields and notes in a tree.

The Magic & Myths of Fawns

There's Heaven. And a boy just waiting for you to come home. View all 47 comments. Sep 16, Baba rated it it was ok Shelves: freebies , new-adult-or-young-adult , rolls-eyes , novellas-or-short-stories , coming-of-age , m-m , sap-or-cheeseville. Review posted September 18, Sugary sweet, cheesy and sappy in places and actually quite beautiful in others. If the author had toned down her overly descriptive, OTT lyrical, flowery and very sweet and melodramatic writing style, this would have appealed much more to me. Oh, and authors should keep their waterworks in check. Thank you. Favorite quote: You?

You're all those special times in between. You're those frozen moments that everyone forgets to breath 2 stars. You're those hours of silence that pull themselves longer and longer until there's nothing left of them but a faint memory of a Once Upon a Time. Unfortunately, it went downhill fast. Instant love doesn't work for me, but here I could have made an exception because Rust fell for Ancel when he was a boy. However, the fact that they never really interacted much over all those many years didn't help to make me believe in that instant love. It lacked a foundation and boys grow up eventually; they become men and I think that they get over their infatuated puppy love in the end.

Well…occasionally they don't. Fawn is divided in three parts and in between we have huge time gaps it's a coming of age story. I guess that made it feel choppy.

As I saw it, I just needed way more interaction between Rust and Ancel, thus there was no real relationship development either. They were never really together but, of course, in the end they got their happy ending. This went from adoration, infatuated first love and instant love from afar on Rust's side across to Ancel's view spoiler [disappearance, hide spoiler ] crappy behavior to "let's-get-it-on-and-where's-the-lube, sweetheart?

Seriously, they hardly talk to each other and yet the perfect, pure and beautiful boy young man is a sweetheart within a blink of an eye. Of course the other one, Ancel, is magnetic and beautiful and breathtaking, too. He was beautiful--perfect--sculpted from marble or iron or gold.

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The most wonderful things in life held no flame near him. When Ancel did smile, it was breathtaking. Baba breathes a pure and perfect no.

Rust view spoiler [hadn't seen Ancel for six years hide spoiler ] and yet this happened… Ancel was surrounded by people magnitudes more beautiful than I. Men and women leaned into him, touched his arms, his back, all wanting his attention. The years had done nothing to douse his allure. He was simply magnetic. He stopped in front of where I was sitting on the cool countertop. His voice sounded husky when he leaned in and whispered in my ear, "Little fawn, where have you been? Now you can even throw dirt at me but it's not going to change how I feel.

Also, I've had a hard time distinguishing between Rust and Ancel because their voices felt so interchangeable which threw me off numerous times and I caught myself thinking, "Who the hell is talking now? Worse, it was so repetitive. I was like, Can we talk about something else now? Anyway, fawn reads like a colorful, overwritten and super-duper sweet fairytale. Suddenly, I felt nervous. I was nothing like Ancel.

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  • I wasn't made of glaciers and the midnight sky; I was made of the grass in the field, the warm breeze that flowed through it, and the dirt under the heels of my shoes. Rust was the rain and the sky and the storm clouds above our heads. They'd taken the purity and naivety from Rust's eyes and left him with nothing more than my dad had left me. They'd stripped him of his hope, of the light he carried around.

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    In doing that, even for a second, they'd made my mind up for me. It didn't bother me that he had popular friends or beautiful girls hanging off his every word. I would've thought less of the people in my town if they weren't. Ancel was something special--something beautiful and rare that deserved to be admired and praised for all it was worth. Beautiful people as far as the eye can reach.

    That paragraph, however, is quite interesting. Only beautiful people deserve to be admired? Physically unfavored people are not worthy of our praise because they are not rare, because they are not special? I felt stinging moisture pool up in my eyes like a half-frozen river in the spring about to flood over the shores. I knew to someone like him, I was the grass, the trees, the twigs on the ground, and the leaves falling from the branches.

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    Told you so. I asked skeptically. He grinned and closed his eyes. And the field mice, and the owls, and the gophers, and the wind, and the trees, and the clouds in the sky, and the pebbles in the dirt, and the light in your eyes. The gentle glow of the sunlight was just beginning to slide out of existence, casting long, deep shadows across the field. The grass and wheat danced for us, celebrated us, as we breathed in the sweet smell of lilac in the air.

    Birds sang in the distance, and the clouds that had once loomed overhead filtered through into the vast redness of the sky. As far as sappy and fairytale-like endings go, fawn definitely provided one. Plenty of readers will fawn over it and others won't. Sorry but I'm a member of the latter category which happens to be a minority. Be that as it may, I got a taste of Nash Summer's writing style and I'm definitely in no hurry to try another of her books anytime soon. Just not my cup of tea. Pre-reading fawn: Reading a freebie is always a good way to check out a new-to-me author. I had my eye on another of her books but I don't intend to spend 5.

    It's a rip-off. Well, in case I should end up wowed by fawn, I can always change my mind and give the other one a go. We shall see. View all 30 comments. He is precious. Not many authors can deliver all these in a short span, but Nash Summers did it. This short story those touch upon physical and emotional abuse, so just be aware.