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In spring, you may find it harder to go to sleep at your usual time.

This isn't just attributed to daylight saving time. The additional sunlight tells our bodies to produce less melatonin , a main ingredient in putting your brain in sleep mode.

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You're happier, and you find yourself smiling, whistling, being nice for no reason, and heck, you're even clicking your heels on the street corner. These are all symptoms of spring fever depending on your level of quirkiness. Apparently, this is due to a chemical change, according to a study which found an increase in serotonin during the transition to spring.

Serotonin affects our mood, and as the Huffington Post noted from a piece in LA Times, it is "likely involved in that sudden lust for life we feel in springtime.

6 Spring Fever Symptoms To Watch Out For Now That Winter Is Finally Gone For Good

Unlike the fall and winter when all we want is a snuggle buddy especially on snow days , the spring and summer are apparently more, um, carnal — women are horniest in spring. Part of this reason could be that men and women wear less clothing in hotter weather, producing a more frequent physical attraction, while another hypothesis proposed by the University of Tromso in Norway is that sunlight activates endorphins, which puts us in a better mood happy and in the mood happy endings.

Screw the shopping trip or sunbathing you had planned for Sunday morning, you want to clean all the things. People are smiling, laughing and celebrating the return of longer days and warmer weather.

spring fever

We feel amorous. For one, an increase of daylight can help right whacked-out circadian rhythms , or the biological clock ticking away in your brain, helping you to sleep better at night and be more alert during the day. Kathryn A. Roecklein, Ph. Light has two types of effects. First it tells the circadian clock when dawn occurs, keeping our bodies synchronized to earth.

Second, light has acute alerting effects that can make people feel less depressed, more alert, cognitively better able to process tasks, and more energetic within just a few minutes.

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Studies continuously show consistent exercise significantly improves feelings of depression. Moods are heavily influenced by different physical, emotional and social cues, McCord said. A lot of these cues can be from memories. People may associate certain seasons with specific memories like a favorite holiday or—on the flip side—the death of a loved one. If possible, spend time with family or friends.

Even if your support network is still growing, many cities and towns host community-wide events. In addition to increasing physical health, a healthy and balanced diet encourages feelings of well-being.

Studies have shown a positive correlation between quality diets and better mental health outcomes. I encourage you to take time to explore ways to incorporate some of the seasonal fruits and vegetables into your diet.

Fact or Fiction?: "Spring Fever" Is a Real Phenomenon - Scientific American

Many people only associate seasonal affective disorder with the winter months. The truth is people may experience symptoms and mood changes at any time of the year. Many people may need to pursue counseling in addition to trying these tips. Interested in this topic?