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I lost more weight weekly on this than the diet that satan himself invented that had been my go-to. I am so grateful! Cannot recommend this enough. I normally drink my coffee with French vanilla creamer. Usually 3 cups in the morning. How many cups of BPC can you have? I just finished day 1 of the egg fast. Scrambled eggs for breakfast was fine.

Egg salad for lunch was difficult for me. I will however choke it down if need be, lol. Is there a different recipe I can substitute for egg salad days and for the deviled eggs snacks with the same effectiveness? Thanks for all you do. I just had the salted caramel custard. Thankfully, I still love eggs. Looking forward to trying the fettuccine tomorrow. Thanks so much Melissa! This was incredible. Your recipes were delicious!

I too have been doing keto for awhile and stalled. I am on day 4 of the egg fast and have lost 4 pounds. Hoping this ends my stall. I do workout on this fast and have had no problems. Good Luck! I just wanted to share how amazing this fast is. The first time around I lost 8 lbs in the first two days!

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I link everyone to this page when they ask how to break a stall! That was December I feel confident I can stick to it better this time around. Thanks for the awesome meal plan! I just finished day two of the egg fast.

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Loved the Snicker Doodles. It reminds me of cinnamon toast with butter, cinnamon and sugar from my childhood. Filled me right up. I just weighed myself and I down 3 lbs. Thanks for this. All the recipes are easy and satisfying on the EF. On day 3 lunch it says a cream cheese pancake, mayo, and cheese slice. Does the mayo go on something or by itself? Eating it by itself sounds gross. Is there a substitute? Hello, the simple egg salad says to eat with bacon and lettuce, is that not for the fast?

Please let me know I am on day 1 right now. I also did add collagen in my BPC like I always do, is that an issue? Let me know please. Just wanted to share that I lost 8lbs week one, and the snickerdoodle crepes are awesome! I have all of your books as well, I have not tried a recipe that I did not like. Thanks for sharing this information! I could stay on that forever. I finished my 5 days and lost 4 pounds. Thank you for a plan that not only broke my stall but gave me recipes that will stay in my arsenal for a long, long time!

I started this Tuesday, dropped 3 lbs so far!

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Just modifier to fit what I can eat in volume. Thank you!!! Is there some substitute I could use that would be in keeping with the EF? You can toss them in butter and seasoned salt or lemon pepper seasoning. I love your website and frequently refer to it not only for recipes, but also for information for others looking to start keto!

Thank you for your help along this path!

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Should I skip the breakfast meal altogether or just have three meals within the time period that I do eat? Not sure which would be best. Hi I just made the Cream Cheese Pancakes. They were so good and seem legal on the Egg Fast. My questions is the recipe says use sugar free syrup but is this legal on the egg fast.

I use Walden Farms syrup with no carbs but can I use this on the egg fast. If not, what would you recommend to use on the pancakes during an egg fast? Depending on my weight today I have planned to end the 5 days and going back to keto on week end keeping a meal egg based as you suggested but I feel discouraged right now. I have to say that I am plenty of energy and I have absolute control over my hunger.

What I did wrong? I am 51 years old and lately, I am thinking that my hormones have been involved in my stall and difficulty loosing weight. Thank you for your time, I love your webb!!! You just need to find the right formula for you — hopefully the soup plan will be it! Hi I just found your site and I love it. I am going to start the egg fast plan on Jan 2 to kick start full keto plan. I have been doing it partially but having too many keto sweets. So my question is whether I can use Light Mayo for my fat instead of full fat.

Light mayo has 3. Also, can I use egg whites as one egg together with one or 2 whole eggs and will it have the same impact or do I always need to use whole eggs? I guess try it and see how you do. Hi Mellissa! Thank you for your kind reply! I decided not to break my fast with BCAA following a thorough research and study. Just want to say that this particular article and menu for egg plan is like a bible to me whenever I fell out of ketosis as a result of unplanned weekends failure :.

Mellissa, can I do the egg fast for three weeks?? I have been on it for 8 days now. I have lost 8 lbs. I just finished the 5-day egg fast and the two transition days.

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It is all about discipline and mind over matter. And while I am not currently on a ketogenic diet, I was on one for over a year, so I am familiar with how it works. So, here is the breakdown of my experience: DAY 1: Followed the meal plan exactly with no issues at all. Drank 3 liters of water. Did a minute low-impact HIIT workout and energy levels were just fine.

Also dropped about 1 lb. DAY 3: Followed the meal plan exactly, but struggled a little to get it all down.