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Have you ever found a wet spot on the couch, carpet or bed where your pet was sleeping? Urinary incontinence in dogs and cats is more common than you might realize, but there are reasons why a pet is leaking. Urinary incontinence is when your pet leaks urine involuntary, which most often happens while they are sleeping.

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It could be a small wet spot or a large puddle. Your pet may even leak while playing, when jumping up on the couch or when walking around the house. Your pet may be able to control their bladder when awake, but not while asleep or in a relaxed state. A pet experiencing incontinence will have damp, smelly hair between their hind legs or on their lower abdominal area.

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Incontinence in Dogs

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Available in 30ml and ml Indications: Incontinence, Dribbling, Enuresis Bed Wetting Ingredients: Shepherds Purse Capsella bursa-pastoris : A traditional remedy for urinary tract disorders, its antiseptic, diuretic and astringent properties makes Shepherds Purse a must in any incontinence mix. Additional Advice: Carrots, garlic and potatoes mixed in to food, Slippery Elm powder mixed into water then added to food.

Keep meats to a minimum until symptoms disappear. Vitamin C preferably Ester C with bioflavonoids. It's not an emergency in most cases, but if your dog is showing signs of illness, contact your veterinarian right away.

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If the vet finds that your dog has a "simple" incontinence problem, it is possible to manage it with medication. For example, a urinary tract infection or bladder infection will likely be treated with antibiotics which will eliminate both the infection and leakage. Phenylpropanolamine is a common option for hormone responsive incontinence, and it can help increase muscle tone, improving your dog's ability to control its urine again. Collagen injections are also becoming a more popular option to help prevent leakage.

This increases her estrogen levels, which naturally increases her muscle tone in the urinary tract while she's resting. For other causes of incontinence, your vet will likely begin treating the primary disease or medical condition.

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  • If the cause is bladder stones or a anatomical abnormality, surgery may be recommended. For other conditions like diabetes, the disease will likely be treated with medications and this may help clear up the urine issue as well. While incontinence may not be entirely preventable, there are steps you can take to help your dog avoid or manage it.

    It may be inconvenient for you at times, but it's one of the things you know you may have to deal with when you let your furry friend into your life. Let your dog outside often to urinate.

    An empty bladder is much less likely to leak. Train your dog to sleep and lie down only on easy-to-clean surfaces in the house or provide waterproof puppy training pads in the dog's favorite spots. Consider having your dog wear doggie diapers, especially at times when you are out of the house. Properly clean your dog to prevent any infection.

    Most importantly, don't punish your dog.