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Nael, K. Mossadeghi, T. Boutelier, WS. Kubal, EA. Krupinski, J. Dagher, and JP.

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Becker, J. Kubal, S. Hur, R.

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    Neuroradiology Fellowship

    Meshksar, A. Kubal, SE. The CT chapter begins as basically a survey of uses in various disorders, but then drills down to some of the more critical issues such as CT perfusion and how this can be used in situations of cerebral ischemia. A few excellent examples are shown where one sees the relationship between CT and MR in ischemia or where infarct evolution is seen.

    The image quality in this chapter, as is true throughout the book, is of high quality.

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    This first chapter provides examples of the power of CT across the breadth of neuroradiology and how the application of different algorithms or techniques e. The chapter ends with an important section related to multi-detector CT—in particular its current status relative to resolution, dual energy CT, flat panel volume CT, and the use of portable CTs. A nice graph is included which shows the developmental changes of CT over the past 4 decades. While a review of each chapter cannot be part of an overall and reasonably concise evaluation of a book, a few sample chapters selected at random in addition to the CT chapter mentioned above will suffice.

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    This chapter is basically a cursory survey of brain infections. The training program will cover travel and lodging expenses for presentations at national meetings. The fellow will also be involved in the development and presentation of several conferences for the Neuroradiology Categorical Course given to our Diagnostic Radiology residents. Neuroradiology fellows with interest in following an academic career or in developing special areas of expertise in vascular neuroradiology, neuro-imaging, pediatric neuroradiology or other subspecialty areas within neuroradiology will have the opportunity to enhance their expertise by performing an additional year as an Instructor in Neuroradiology.

    This is a junior faculty position with corresponding compensation, fringe benefits and clinical, teaching and research responsibilities. Its goal is to train mature subspecialty neuroradiology experts that can thrive and contribute in an academic environment. This additional year emphasizes the development of research, supervisory and teaching skills as well as clinical skills.

    This extra year also fulfills the criteria for Senior Membership in the American Society of Neuroradiology.

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    Neuroradiology call is by beeper, tied to the neurointerventional faculty call schedule. The fellow will have fifteen 15 work days of vacation, which are scheduled on an individual basis. Salary and benefits are at a PGY-6 level. The fellowship program sends trainees to a comprehensive one-week course in neuroradiology and head and neck radiology e.