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Good karma can result in being born in one of the heavenly realms. Bad karma can cause rebirth as an animal, or torment in a hell realm. Buddhists try to cultivate good karma and avoid bad. However, the aim of Buddhism is to escape the cycle of rebirth altogether, not simply to acquire good karma and so to be born into a more pleasant state.

These states, while preferable to human life, are impermanent: even gods eventually die. The word karma means 'action', and this indicates something important about the concept of karma: it is determined by our own actions, in particular by the motives behind intentional actions. Skilful actions that lead to good karmic outcomes are based upon motives of generosity; compassion, kindness and sympathy, and clear mindfulness or wisdom.

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The opposite motives of greed, aversion hatred and delusion, when acted upon, lead to bad karmic results. Karma is not an external force, not a system of punishment or reward dealt out by a god. The concept is more accurately understood as a natural law similar to gravity. Buddhists believe we are in control of our ultimate fates. The problem is that most of us are ignorant of this, which causes suffering. The purpose of Buddhism is to take conscious control of our behaviour.

How Karma Really Works

The Buddha taught about karmic 'conditioning', which is a process by which a person's nature is shaped by their moral actions. Every action we take molds our characters for the future. Both positive and negative traits can become magnified over time as we fall into habits. All of these cause us to acquire karma. Acting on karmic habits increases their strength. Buddhists gradually weaken any negative thoughts and impulses that they experience, through allowing them to arise and depart naturally without acting on them.

This view of the world can raise a particularly charged question. Do Buddhists believe that disabled people are suffering for misdeeds in a past life?

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The subject is more complicated than it appears, says the Venerable Robina Courtin, a Tibetan Buddhist nun, in this radio discussion on religious attitudes to disability. In order to see this content you need to have both Javascript enabled and Flash installed. Visit BBC Webwise for full instructions.

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This type of situation has happened all too many times. You get hurt, so you hurt others. In turn, the people you hurt are tempted to do the same thing to others. You contribute to the cycle and self-sabotage yourself by limiting your own ability to find a meaningful relationship.

That guy who screwed you and three other girls over? Karma will get him. That ex-girlfriend who cheated on you with your best friend? Karma will get them both. Be patient because karma will send someone or something to do the dirty work for you. Every action warrants a reaction.

Watch Instant Karma Work Its Magic

No good arises from producing bad karma. It will bite you in the ass and continue to do so until you throw some good karma in the mix. The biggest challenge that emerges from heartbreak is to prevent retaliation. Anger and sadness often create the worst decisions and produce the most regret. One person hurt you, not The best you can do for yourself is suck it up, put a smile on your face and move on.