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But, that thou servest Jehovih with all thy wisdom and strength, by doing good unto thy fellow-men with all thy might. That, because thou art strong, or wise, or rich, thou understandest, that thou shalt use these excellencies for raising up such as have them not, believing, that. Judgment Cummings, L. Oahspe certainly is overwhelming in its scope as its presentation is on a universal scheme of eternal themes.

It marks a new era in the progression of man.

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Even years after its first publication, one would be hard pressed to name a book of greater spiritual importance or which more fully embodied the new age era of Aquarius-Kosmon. The burden of Oahspe is that Man is a being whose life and spirit, soul and mind, ego or consciousness, came from the Creator, one omnific Being. The inspired words make it exceeding clear that it is the intention of the Creator to have this order obeyed.

It is as a personal letter directed to them. Hierarchies must endure Armageddon.

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A problem of free will. Thus the mighty Inspirer of Oahspe is set as a face of flint and adamant against human pretense of forgiving sin; and against war, and will soon end both curses.

But how? Yes, Oahspe leaves the reader without an easy rationalization to go on as before in life. Murder, war, abortion—especially war— are condemned in the strongest terms possible where pacifism is the only acceptable path — without any exceptions. Let everyone who is curious read it, and judge intelligently and candidly. It is a marvel, whatever it is. The arrangement and construction are not ill; indeed, if we were to accept the work, we would find much to praise in this ingeniousness.

I have a curiosity to witness the reception which the volume will receive. Howland would agree. A wonderful book from the angelic realms carefully explains how to achieve oneness with the Creator, and peace on earth, while correctly making prophesies and scientific cosmological revelations decades before being confirmed — yet apparently the time is still not yet ripe for fulfilling these noble aims for any except a handful of mortals.

As impressive as the scientific principles revealed in Oahspe are, I found myself even more impressed with the spiritual principles espoused.

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The first pages are devoted to a history of the universe down to the time of the discovery of America. Although there doubtlessly have been scores of small Oahspean prayer and study groups, the following in chronological order are the more major efforts of Oahspean seekers of light to affiliate and organize into groups from to the present day:.

Why is this so? If Oahspe is such a fantastic message then why is this so? Affiliation with others for doing good is held to be, at this stage of our development, an indispensable condition of our further development and progress. We are urged to form voluntary, co-operative associations of compatible, like-conscience individuals; to form fraternities, brotherhoods, societies, and communities wherein all can be dedicated to doing good to, for, and with one another with all heir wisdom and strength.

There would likely be unanimous agreement by every member of the above groups with Mr. One of the major questions to be answered by this book is although there were, for the most part, good spiritual consequences from their efforts, just why in the world did these Faithist groups fail to create lasting Oahspean utopian communities since that was their stated supreme goal to achieve.

Part II. The Creation, Recreation, and Publication of Oahspe. Starting around , and as directed by angelic guides, John Newbrough underwent over ten years of vegetarian diet, spiritual studies, and volunteer work, in order that he would be purified enough to channel the text of Oahspe. This was a ten-year time period of purification, attunement, and sanctification for John Newbrough. Obviously, channeling the supernal spiritual content of Oahspe would have required virtually an angelic medium of very high spiritual grade. Therefore, it is high time to give Newbrough considerable credit for putting in considerable sacrifices of time, money and energy in helping the poor, especially poor children, and most of all, poor orphans.

John Newbrough did it all because he rightly felt there was a divine mission to be accomplished and that would have required considerable dedication. Despite some abrupt changes for the worse in John Newbrough almost immediately after Oahspe was completely channeled, one could rightly use his decade of sanctification as the lifestyle of a truly exemplary Faithist. John Newbrough published his first spiritualism work where he channels the words of spirits: Questions and Answers from Spiritalis. This book is more evidence that John Newbrough.

The short answer is no. Certainly Questions and Answers from Spiritalis provides us with evidence that Newbrough was a gifted medium and thus was not necessarily just copying ideas from other books into his own words. While there a few similarities between Oahspe and a few other books of the time, Oahspe is starkly different, so much so that there is no basis to conclude anything other than that Oahspe is an original work.

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Of course, it would have been even more amazing if the channeling of Oahspe were the first time Newbrough had ever channeled a spiritual work. It is true that Andrew Jackson Davis did just that in his inspirationally written Principles of Nature To do so would be akin to. In this similarity, all that has taken place is the independent revelation and discovery of universal principles. The few similar concepts written about do but independently add verification of the same as being great truths. However, all three of these cosmological metaphysical masterpieces are quite unique in terms of format, theme, and content, though it is true, there are a number of ideas that match in a confirming fashion.

Let us look next how these aspects contrast quite clearly with one another. In contrast, Oahspe concentrates primarily on: 1 the actual heavenly and earthly histories of tens of thousands of years as well, 2 how the omnipresent energy of vortexya gives motion to worlds and to all life, and 3 how to attain the spiritual path of true resurrection.

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This version, the original manuscript, going by unpublished texts, may be estimated as being at least 71 pages longer than the published version. And so after ten years of arduous preparation, John Newbrough had completed a divine task of near miraculous achievement: the channeling of about a pages of divine voices as well as The All Voice, sacred words verily from angels of the higher resurrections, all in holy service to our world and its heavens. Lant makes over inked proof pages of the original Oahspe. These printing plates are never used for publishing Oahspe but are saved by Lant.

In , Jim Dennon would publish copies of some of these plates, especially that of unpublished material in his More of Oahspe. Flush with the fulfillment of working successfully with the higher heavens, why indeed would Newbrough wish to do anything other than communicate untouched the high ideals and ideas of Oahspe, new age book of the world, word for word!? And so John Newbrough commissioned John Lant to produce printing plates from the unaltered first version of Oahspe as transcribed from the higher heavens. It is unclear what happened next though.

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According to Jim Dennon, Newbrough then destroyed the original Oahspe text and begins typing it again. Soften and Christopher Schurtz, Dr. Newbrough's daughter, Jone Howlind stated in contradiction on two different occasions, first that Oahspe was destroyed by a flood AND later that she herself destroyed it. You would think that after ten years of dedicated preparation, experiencing the miraculous channeling of Oahspe, as well as having received thousands of dollars from unknown unsolicited patrons for publishing Oahspe, that Dr.

Newbrough would have had nothing but the same dedicated, devotional desire to publish all the original material and nothing else. Is that not what the angels wanted or why communicate what they chose to have channeled?

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Absolutely there is zero chance that the high-raised angels involved in the original channeling of Oahspe would decide a second rewriting was required since such mega-intelligent beings would get it right the first time. Nevertheless, selfish perspectives and Masonic spirits guided John Newbrough to do otherwise. Yet it seems impossible, as Dennon states, that Newbrough would destroy the text completely and then produce Oahspe once again by channeled writing. By memory?

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Through the same high angel. No, it must be rather that Newbrough simply took out what he decided to not publish for the initial edition, added what he thought in his opinion would improve Oahspe, and altered what he felt needed to be changed. It is feasible that Newbrough then after the altered Oahspe version was produced destroyed the original angelically produced Oahspe manuscript.

It would have been logical to do so as then there would be no proof that the inspired work of Oahspe had ever been altered. So it may be that Newbrough lied to John Lant that he had destroyed the original manuscript when in fact John Newbrough had not. Instead it must be that Newbrough wished to convince Lant that the printing plates Lant had made were no longer copies of the Oahspe Newbrough wanted published and thus of no consequence. Therefore, from all of the above, it is logical to conclude that Newbrough did not destroy the Oahspe original manuscript but that his daughter did, decades later, since she admitted to it:.

At various times, she claimed to have either lost. It has been expressed on numerous occasions that the above material was excluded from the initial published version due to concerns over book lengths and publishing costs. The withheld materials totaled about seventy pages. With about pages already to be published, why cut out a handful of text and thus keep the entire manuscript from being published? Why spend over a decade preparing to channel a divine work and another year in channeling it and then all of a sudden decide to not publish the miraculous book in its entirety as the angels of the heavens had intended?

And why not at least include the smaller texts that were simply a few pages long? Newbrough, as all good Masons, firmly believed in keeping all prayers and rites secret.