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It's like all these awesome authors that you already admire and love mixed with some new ones that you may not have gotten to yet.

If Richard put them in this collection, though, you know they're just as good as any other author in here. Purchase the Book Here. Very excited about this. I'll be here for sure, and I'll try to get as many authors as I can to stop by. I might not join the book club nothing personal, I hate deadlines but that book looks awesome. It's loaded with intelligence and talent. Every one of the pieces in this extraordinary compilation is worthy of your full attention.

It was also nice to encounter so many authors with whom I was unfamiliar.

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A strong compilation of talent. Very strong. Rembrandt knew that; it's there in the voluminous shadows that wrap around the figures in his paintings. So did Poe: it's the note sounding underneath the stories his narrators tell us. At this point in our shared history, it's no secret that those things closest to us, our family, our memory, may be full of night. What is remarkable is what the writers in this book succeed in telling us about that darkness, what shapes they discern within it. A showcase of some of the most exciting writers at work today, The New Black is not to be missed. If this book does well, and Dark House Press succeeds, we can continue to publish the kind of neo-noir, speculative fiction that needs to be read and experienced.

There are also 15 interior illustrations by Luke Spooner of Carrion House. Feel free to share this post, to spread the word. Jack Ketchum called it the new high standard in dark fiction. To see them all use the hashtag thenewblack in the search window over there.

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USA only. Just post up a question in order to enter. It's one hell of a good collection, too and not out until this September. So if you're a SGJ fan, come by and ask some questions! Yeah boo. I will also offer to pay postage. I'm a few stories in and loving it. Richard - was there an average word limit for these stories?

Richard, I thought "Children are the Only Ones that Blush" was fascinating and it was one of my fav in the book, but even more interesting was it inclusion in a "neo-noir" anothology. If I had read this story anywhere else, I would be thinking a straight literary genre. And considering it was first published in "One Story" not an easy lit market to get in to a lot of people may agree with my assessment.

Can you tell me a little more about what you think of the story and how it become part of this book? This story just really stuck out from the rest, to me. Well, Doug, I think what allowed me to place this story in a neo-noir anthology was the thread of lies, the secrets, the despair that runs through it. The protagonist is unhappy, the girl he meets and friends, even gets naked with, it's still so sad.

The cat, the balloons, all of it. When I got to the end it just felt so bleak. I can see how this would fit within a literary journal, but for me, it still felt pretty desperate, sad, and dark at the end there. Buried under the humor was a lot of depression, I thought. I imagine similar thoughts would go with the Vanessa Veselka story, "Christopher Hitchens. Richard, maybe that's what captured me about it. The author took all those parts of life that SHOULD be happy or positive impending adulthood, being a twin, cats, balloons, an intact family working through their issues in counseling and twisted it to show how it can be dreadful in the wrong "hands.

She's horrible! And he almost has to bear thru it or he'd be the bad guy. A story full of contradictions and contrasts--Maybe that's why it stuck out so much.

Latest stories

And "Drudge? What a beautiful car wreck. The story got me so excited as I read it, I am not even sure how to explain it. It was so well executed, just, damn. Max, I don't know if you have much expereince raising kids, but the way I read it, the author showed how they can basically take over your life and you feel like you just want to leave them in the park sometimes. But a parent would be lying if they said they didn't see where the author was coming from so I think, at least. What I love about Lindsay is her ability to take some very normal moments, common events such as childbirth and make it so bittersweet.

In this case, with such a powerful ending. I've known Lindsay for years, she invited me to my first reading here in Chicago for the Quickies! She just did a reading here for this book release with Joe Meno and read this story. I guess this story would fall under the suburban or rural noir area of neo-noir, or maybe Southern gothic, the grotesque. It's so subtle and touching and heartbreaking. I opened with SGJ, Tremblay and Hunter for a reason, to tap into the family dynamic, and all of the loss and emotion those three stories have.

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Paul's story really got to me too, having kids. Good point, Doug. I think any parent would be lying if they said that they didn't melt down over their kids. Having twins, oh lord, there were some nights in the beginning when they were fed every two hours where I thought I might lost it.

June '14 - Book Club Selection - 'The New Black: A Neo-Noir Anthology' | LitReactor

I sat in the vestibule between my apartment and the outside, locked out, while my wife was in the hospital, and just cried. I love my kids, but Lindsay really taps into that element of fear what am I doing?!?! That last line about "nipples like lit matchheads" just get to me every time. Great discussion. But for those new to the genre, this will definitely make for an excellent gateway, a greatest hits of sorts.

How many authors did you know, or recognize? How many authors were totally new to you? The rest, aside form the above, were new to me. I'm new to the genre, so I think I'm a good yardstick as to a reader fresh to contemporary noir. Thanks, Gordon. Yeah, Exigencies will not only be authors that are less known, but also all original fiction. I wanted to do both, kind of a "best of" and then a "new wave" of neo-noir. Hope you enjoyed TNB anyway, especially the new authors and stories.

I love "Father, Son, Holy Rabbit. That story really hit me :. And then I read the whole thing, and wow. So powerful. So so Which takes me by surprise a little. But, yeah, that's how powerful that story is. Question: Do you have a release date yet for Bek's short story collection?