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Food 4 Thought. Thursday October 11, - How was this page born? Browsing the "mare magnum" of social networks we have noticed an often dispersive use of news and posts. Personally we were not satisfied with the idea of merely re-posting the posts of others, but it seemed more interesting and exciting to launch themes on which exchanging views. We therefore thought it would be more coherent, for our site, to differentiate the news into two separate pages, converging on one the news generated by our work, or by the work of the people and companies connected to us, and on the other those conceived by others, but which we consider alike to us, and on which we consider worthwhile to make some in-depth analysis or reflections.

So, if you want to stay up-to-date on what we do, go to the Company News page , when you want to know what we like to talk about, and discuss what impressed us, Food 4 Thoughts is the right page.

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Digital Immortality: we get back to talk about it Giorgio Manfredi Food 4 Thought. Read more.

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Giorgio Manfredi Food 4 Thought. According to witness reports, the decease checked in the day before the discove … Continued.

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Going to Bangkok for a weekend for me usually involves a drink on one rooftop bar or another; the views are just so spectacular…and that breeze. Truely impressive building So imagine how thrilled I was when I found myself on the rooftop that looks down upon all other rooftops? This is not the first time the issue has been raised. The land fill … Continued.

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    More From Citylife. Chiang Mai or Chiangmai? Frustrations over law which bans migrant workers from performing craft work Fri 4th Oct CityNews — Following a petition filed in July this year by contractors and migrant workers to the governor of Chiang Mai concerning the crack down by officials on migrant workers for working on non specified tasks, officials have cited labour laws in their defense.