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From the time Zuck gave his life to Christ in Phoenix, God has used him to reach thousands with the clear teachings of the Word of God. Zuck's mentor, colleague, and friend, Howard G. Hendricks, has described Zuck as a brilliant student with an incredible ability for detail. Faithfulness and dependability have marked Zuck's character.

His discipline, organizational skills, and ability to set clear-cut goals are the essential ingredients that have allowed him to produce an incredible amount of high quality literature. The uncompromising prominence Zuck assigns to Scripture and his undying devotion to Christ, combined with all of the above-mentioned attributes, made Zuck the Christian educator.

Roy Zuck's career has been widely recognized. The speaking ministry of Roy Zuck has impacted crowds, congregations, and audiences all over the world. Zuck has spoken at more than a dozen schools overseas. His ministry has taken him to 43 countries. He has spoken at many churches, conferences, and chapel services.

Zuck has always been a student favorite in Chafer Chapel, the campus chapel at Dallas Theological Seminary.

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Throughout Zuck's career a large amount of time and effort has been devoted to writing. Zuck's achievements with a pen may stand as his greatest lasting legacy. Zuck has an extraordinarily large body of work on both the authoring and editing side of writing. When Zuck was a young teen, he observed a pastor in his neighborhood who regularly handed out a two-sided paper written on biblical topics. The impact of the printed page intrigued Zuck.

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Through the medium of print, the teachings of God could be permanently captured and distributed to large groups of people. This was the spark that ignited Zuck's significant writing ministry. In terms of authorship, Zuck has been prolific. He has edited, co-edited, or written over 70 books. Zuck has personally authored 17 books. Zuck loves the challenge of editing, but he especially enjoys the control and freedom that come with authorship.

This commentary addresses every verse in Scripture. Zuck and Walvoord co-edited this project over a period of five years. Zuck had the major responsibility of refining the work of 32 writers. The set has sold nearly half a million copies and has been translated into 10 languages.

The writing ministry of Dr. Zuck extends far beyond books. In addition to his experience with books, Zuck has contributed equally in the realm of journal articles. He has written over a hundred articles for more than a dozen periodicals. He has edited for Bibliotheca Sacra, the theological journal of Dallas Theological Seminary, since Zuck began his career with Bibliotheca Sacra as associate editor, a position that he held until when he was made managing editor, and he has been the editor from to the present.


Zuck has recently written several tracts for the American Tract society. The life, ministry, and influence of Roy Zuck are closely connected with his love for God. Zuck has worked tirelessly to afford his students the opportunity to clearly receive the Word of God in a way that can be practically applied to life. He has assisted thousands of students in drawing closer to God.

Through Zuck's students, his pure Biblical teachings will be passed on to another generation. His writing ministry will serve students for decades and beyond. Addendum: Roy B. Zuck's life and service to Dallas Theological Seminary were marked by an unquenchable thirst for God's Word and a passion for helping others know Christ better through the scriptures. Principles, often stated in single sentences, serve as bridges between interpretation and application.

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Latent in the text, they summarize the essence of a Bible passage in terms that are applicable to a broad spectrum of readers and situations. Neglecting to apply the Scriptures reduces Bible study to an academic exercise in which we are concerned only for interpretation with little or no regard for its relevance for and impact on our lives. It is wrong to think of the Scriptures as only a sourcebook for information, as a book to be examined merely for the knowledge we can gain from it. Of course knowledge of the contents of the Bible and correct interpretation of it are essential.

But more is needed. We must have a responsive heart, a willingness to appropriate the truths of the Scriptures into our own experience.

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Inerrancy and hence infallibility are characteristics of the Bible's original manuscripts, but not of the Bible interpreters. The manuscripts were inerrant because of the Holy Spirit's guarding and guiding the writers record what He wanted recorded, word for word. Jesus was extensively involved in teaching. He was widely known as a teacher, and much of what he did was to teach. A number of verses, however, point to his involvement in preaching. Are we wrong then in presenting him as a Teacher?

Is there a difference between preaching and teaching, or are these referring to the same activities? Theoretical knowledge of the content of the Bible, while absolutely indispensable, does not in itself automatically guarantee spiritual development. A pat on the back develops character, if administered young enough, often enough, and low enough. Can spiritual maturity be measured? How do we know if our students are maturing in Christ? In teaching, the Holy Spirit operates on or activates both the written Word and students: one He animates and the other He illuminates. Teaching, then, is the broader term and includes the revealing and animating of the Word, along with the illuminating of the hearts and minds of believers.

Drawing on his classroom teaching experiences, Zuck makes the complex and confusing process of Biblical interpretation an easily comprehensible process. This book is definitely an asset to anyone who wants to know more about the process of studying the Bible. Precious in His Sight is an intriguing look at all of the children in the Bible, including insights from ancient historical works of youth upbringing.

Zuck also ties the Biblical models of child rearing especially from the Proverbs to today's forms of childhood development. This book will be an asset to anyone involved in Christian education for children. As any Christian educator would say, Jesus is the best role model for any current or aspiring teacher throughout all of history. In this book, Roy Zuck dissects Christ's teaching styles and methods to figure out what made Him so dynamic. This book is an excellent pedagogical how-to manual, but it is also a fascinatingly different way of looking at Jesus Christ's life and earthly ministry.

A companion to Zuck's Teaching as Jesus Taught, this book examines Paul's pedagogical techniques as they are presented both in biblical and extra-biblical sources. The book is well organized and well written, and it would greatly enhance the library of anyone involved in either Christian education or any other teaching ministry. As any teaching individual can attest, teaching is an exhausting profession. In Spirit-filled Teaching, Roy Zuck explains to readers how to use the power of the Holy Spirit both in teaching and in living.

By using this book, teachers will learn how to better connect with both their students and their Lord. Linden McLaughlin Ph. Lucas B. Works Cited Unless otherwise cited, all information in this article is from an interview with Dr. Zuck on October 23, in Dr. Hendricks in his office on the campus of Dallas Theological Seminary on November 26, Edge, F.

Teaching for results. Nashville, TN: Broadman Press. LeBar, L. Education that is Christian.

source url Walvoord, J. The Bible knowledge commentary: An exposition of the Scriptures Vols. Wheaton, IL: Victor Books.

Zuck, R. The problem of authority in Christian education. I ended up coming from church feeling like I just did not eat enough word. So I ended up reading and watching teachings on internet right after church just to feel fired up. So on Sunday I have to watch him lie to me everyday that he got a massage straight from the holy spirit but I already watched that teaching. It pained me and I could not tell anyone in church. I eventually left that church.

Thank you very much for your Website. I have learned your teachings and beliefs. I thank the Lord also that through the internet i have met with you.

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And we thank our lord so much because of your good teachings Concerning to the lords people.