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Can they chose to drink animal blood vs. Answer: No. Answer: I seem to get this specific question quite a bit. If so, where are they?

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Answer: There are two different kinds of "rules" to be considered. The truth is, vampires will sleep wherever they feel safe. When fighting vampires, your best bet is to aim for the head or spine. Fact: Vampires cannot turn into bats, or anything else for that matter. Fact: Drop the zero and you have a more accurate number. This man had during his lifetime often revealed that, near Gossowa in Turkish Serbia, he had been troubled by a vampire, wherefore he had eaten from the earth of the vampire's grave and had smeared himself with the vampire's blood, in order to be free from the veIation he had suffered.

In 20 or 30 days after his death some people complained that they were being bothered by this same Arnod Paole; and in fact four people were killed by him. In order to end this evil, they dug up this Arnold Paole 40 days after his death - this on the advice of a soldier, who had been present at such events before; and they found that he was quite complete and undecayed, and that fresh blood had flowed from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears; that the shirt, the covering, and the coffin were completely bloody; that the old nails on his hands and feet, along with the skin, had fallen off, and that new ones had grown; and since they saw from this that he was a true vampire, they drove a stake through his heart, according to their custom, whereby he gave an audible groan and bled copiously, Thereupon they burned the body the same day to ashes and threw these into the grave.

These people say further that all those who were tormented and killed by the vampire must themselves become vampires. Therefore they disinterred the above-mentioned four people in the same way. Then they also add that this Arnod Paole attacked not only the people but also the cattle, and sucked out their blood. And since the people used the flesh of such cattle, it appears that some vampires are again present here, inasmuch as, in a period of three months, 17 young and old people died, among them some who, with no previous illness, died in two or at the most three days.

In addition, the haiduk Jowiza reports that his step-daughter, by name of Stanacka, lay down to sleep 15 days ago, fresh and healthy, but at midnight she started up out of her sleep with a terrible cry, fearful and trembling, and complained that she had been throttled by the son of a haiduk by the name of Milloe, who had died nine weeks earlier, whereupon she had experienced a great pain in the chest and became worse hour by hour, until finally she died on the third day. At this we went the same afternoon to the graveyard, along with the often-mentioned oldest haiduks of the village, in order to cause the suspicious graves to be opened and to examine the bodies in them, whereby, after all of them had been dissected, there was found: 1.

A woman by the name of Stana, 20 years old, who had died in childbirth two months ago, after a three-day illness, and who had herself said, before her death, that she had painted herself with the blood of a vampire, wherefore both she and her child - which had died right after birth and because of a careless burial had been half eaten by the dogs- must also become vampires.

She was quite complete and undecayed. After the opening of the body there was found in the cavitate pectoris a quantity of fresh extravascular blood. The vessels of the arteries and veins, like the ventriculis ortis, were not, as is usual, filled with coagulated blood, and the whole viscera, that is, the lung, liver, stomach, spleen, and intestines were quite fresh as they would be in a healthy person. The uterus was however quite enlarged and very inflamed externally, for the placenta and lochia had remained in place, wherefore the same was in complete putredine.

The skin on her hands and feet, along with the old nails, fell away on their own, but on the other hand completely new nails were evident, along with a fresh and vivid skin. There was a woman by the name of Miliza 60 years old , who had died after a three-month sickness and had been buried some days earlier.

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In the chest much liquid blood was found; and the other viscera were, like those mentioned before, in a good condition. During her dissection, all the haiduks who were standing around marveled greatly at her plumpness and perfect body, uniformly stating that they had known the woman well, from her youth, and that she had; throughout her life, looked and been very lean and dried up, and they emphasized that she had come to this surprising plumpness in the grave.

They also said that it was she who started the vampires this time, because she had eaten of the flesh of those sheep that had been killed by the previous vampires. There was an eight-day-old child which had lain in the grave for 90 days and was similarly in a condition of vampirism. The son of a haiduk, 16 years old, was dug up, having lain in the earth for nine weeks, after he had died from a three-day illness, and was found like the other vampires.

Joachim, also the son of a haiduk, 17 years old; had died after a three-day illness. He had been buried eight weeks and four days and, on being dissected; was found in similar condition.

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A woman by the name of Ruscha who had died after a ten-day illness and had been buried six weeks previous, in whom there was much fresh blood not only in the chest but also in fundo ventriculi. The same showed itself in her child, which was 18 days old and had died five weeks previously. No less did a girl ten years of age, who had died two months previously, find herself in the above-mentioned condition, quite complete and undecayed; and had much fresh blood in her chest. They caused the wife of the Hadnack to be dug up, along with her child. She had died seven weeks previously, her child - who was eight weeks old- 21 days previously, and it was found that both mother and child were completely decomposed, although earth and grave were like those of the vampires lying nearby.

A servant of the local corporal of the haiduks, by the name of Rhade, 21 years old, died after a three-month-long illness, and after a five week burial was found completely decomposed.

The wife of the local bariactar, along with her child, having died five weeks previously, were also completely decomposed. With Stanche, a local haiduk, 60 years old; who had died six weeks previously, I noticed a profuse liquid blood, like the others, in the chest and stomach. The entire body was in the oft-named condition of vampirism. Milloe, a haiduk, 25 years old; who had lain for six weeks in the earth, also was found in the condition of vampirism mentioned.

Stanoika, the wife of a haiduk, 20 years old, died after a three-day illness and had been buried 18 days previously. In the dissection I found that she was in her countenance quite red and of a vivid color, and, as was mentioned above, she had been throttled, at midnight, by Milloe, the son of the haiduk, and there was also to be seen, on the right side under the ear, a bloodshot blue mark, the length of a finger.

As she was being taken out of the grave, a quantity of fresh blood flowed from her nose. With the dissection I found; as mentioned often already, a regular fragrant fresh bleeding, not only in the chest cavity, but also in ventriculo cordis. All the viscera found themselves in a completely good and healthy condition. The hypodermis of the entire body, along with the fresh nails of hands and feet, was as though completely fresh. After the examination had taken place, the heads of the vampires were cut off by the local gypsies and burned along with the bodies, and then the ashes were thrown into the river Morava.

The decomposed bodies, however, were laid back into their own graves. Women frequently faint at the matinee performances. The child, once healthy and robust, had begun to fade away. The life-blood is being secretly sucked from her body.

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With reference to bat vampires, Dr. The true explanation is simpler. They are not cuddly bunnies. Vampires drink blood.

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Human bodies make blood. If we can agree for the moment that fact 1 is true, h umans should be squeamish around vampires. Animals make blood.

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Again, if fact 1 is true, animals should also be nervous a round vampires and all carnivores in general…and they are! If facts are true, then vampires are probably NOT the best choice for datin g material. Dating someone, w ho sees you as a possible food source, is a very bad idea. Vampire teeth ripping through flesh tends to leave scars, but their saliva does encourage rapid healing. Vampires tend to prefer to hang out with other vampires. They have the same thi ngs in common. Common interests tend to draw people together.

No vampire likes to be f aced with torches and pitchforks. I t would take many years to master the craft. While these eccentricities may seem c harming in the beginning, common interests tend to keep couples together in the long term. Vampires tend to shy away from new technology. Older vampires often have trouble adapting because of facts 5 and 8. The olde r they get, the easier it is to stay around others who are like themselves and s hare the same interests as they do. A vampire may lose track of what is considered fashionable attire. Their wardrobes could be monochromatic, all black, all tan, etc.


Jeans and t-shirts are a popular choice for vampires dressing casually. Suits are also a popular choice for everyday wear. The Zambian Kwacha is Appearance Human with retractable fangs. Episode s [10]1. John Winchester gives these to Dean to put on the fire. Lenore resists her bloodlust despite his methods of temptation.

At the same time, a blood bank van is robbed. When he awakes, Dean must fight the vampires in the nest. He vomits blood and passes out, but re-awakes as a human. The episode poked much fun at vampires in popular culture. Dean dubs these hybrids []Jefferson Starships. Dean agrees as long as they find Castiel first. However, Dean decapitates her from behind before she can attack. Not believing him, Josephine cuts his head off. She is a vampire, but has been newly turned and hasn't fed yet.

Victor knocks Sam out and ties him up, planning to have Seth kill him. The vampire []Benny Lafitte. After agreeing to see Benny when Sam returns, Dean decapitates him. Three more vampires attack Sam and Bobby. They each kill one.