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Be sure to visit it for more info! This book takes far less methodical approach than PMBoK and mainly deals with psychological matters. Although not directed strictly towards PMs, but all managers in general, the book contains invaluable advice on how to become and stay a true leader and bring out the best in yourself and those working with you.

Want Collaboration?: Accept—and Actively Manage—Conflict

Of course, there so much more to this book than just seven principles — you ought to read it yourself in its entirety to find out why. A bit of trivia for you: one Bill Clinton, the 42 nd President of the US, consulted with Stephen Covey to assist with integrating the principles described in the book into his presidency. Contrary to what the title suggests, this book is hardly for dummies.

Everything from measuring ROI to managing distressed projects, this book will always come in handy so make sure to keep it somewhere around your desk. Written as a series of essays covering a wide range of issues, the book does a great job of breaking down complex concepts into simple, practical tips ready to be used by anyone.

As a former Microsoft employee, Berkun gives additional focus to topics like:.

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Basically, an ideal textbook for anyone who wants to learn the theoretical basics of project management and test their knowledge afterward using the discussion questions and multiple-choice tests included in the book. It manages to explain rather complex topics and terms in a light, often comical way, which goes perfectly with the free-flowing nature of Scrum. What makes a great company?

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We hope it was educational and informational enough for you to start improving your project management skills starting today. Your email address will not be published. Things that project managers should learn. Later that day, my insurance company noticed.

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Read preview. Synopsis You've got one coworker storming out of another's office, two others who aren't speaking to each other, people on the same work team expressing major differences on how to get a project done With all this workplace conflict stewing, how, as a manager, can you ensure that any work is even getting done? Whenever human beings interact, it's inevitable that conflict-when what one person wants, needs, or expects interferes with what others want, need, or expect-will bubble up to the surface Whatever the cause, it's your job as a manager to ensure that these ripples of discord don't lead to a lack of productivity, increased employee turnover and absenteeism, and other natural consequences of workplace friction.

Conflict gives you the tools you need to navigate relationships, build compromises and collaborations, and not only get your people back on track, but channel the energy of disagreements into positive results. You'll discover practical, immediately usable ways to: build trust among coworkers harness negative emotions encourage apologies and forgiveness use a solution-seeking approach to resolving employee differences and say what needs to be said in any situation involving interpersonal tension. Whether it's a disagreement about processes, factionalism over where money and staff will come from, or the byproduct of complicated relationships or differences stemming from identities or values, it's imperative that you stem the tide of conflict and keep your people focused. Excerpt Driving along a four-lane road several years ago, I came up over a small hill. Witte; James H.

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Davis Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Read preview Overview. Goffman, Erving The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed.