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Carnacki invites his four friends Arkwright, Jessop, Taylor, and Dodgson to his home for a dinner and to listen to a tale of his adventures. The story is narrated by Dodgson.

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Carnacki uses occult means to solve hauntings. Sometimes the cases are real but manageable; sometimes completely fake, and sometimes so dangerous that Carnacki would have died if not for a presence that watches him. I found these stories to be a welcome addition to the Carnacki canon.

Meikle has managed to develop the character while remaining true to the original stories. If I had one complaint, it was that no story was deemed to be something manufactured and therefore not supernatural. In the original stories, some had solid earthly causes, such as the gang in "The House Among the Laurels" using a legend to cover their crimes.

Carnacki : Heaven and Hell

Now onto the tales. Best in Book! The titular island conceals a dark past… William Meikle has two other volumes of Carnacki tales out, which I also recommend. I think William Hope Hodgson would be very proud!

  • Thomas Carnacki, king of the supernatural detectives.
  • The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba HWV 67 - Oboe 1.

I give the book five stars! But the pastiche — like any other pursuit — is one that can be done better or worse. Few people excel at it, especially when it comes to the Pulps and other Weird fiction writers from around the turn of the century, more than William Meikle. While Meikle has also made a name for himself with his own Weird works, it is for his pastiches of past masters that he is perhaps most well-known. In this companion piece to his previous collection of Carnacki stories Carnacki: Heaven and Hell , Meikle once more turns his talents to creating more adventures for famed Occult detective Thomas Carnacki: the Ghost Finder.

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Originally created by William Hope Hodgson, one of my favorite authors of Weird fiction, the stories of Carnacki were unique among the annals of Occult detectives for a handful of reasons that all make them ripe for the pastiche treatment. In The Watcher at the Gate , Meikle emulates the voice, tone and structure of those original Carnacki stories almost perfectly, all the while taking them in directions that the original tales never went, including teaming Carnacki up with a young Winston Churchill, as well as another William Hope Hodgson character, Captain Gault.

This means that the tales are best enjoyed with a little bit of space in-between, as reading them all in order can lead to an uncomfortable sense of repetition. A selection of my comics, poetry comics, and other illustration work - All images copyright Julian Peters - contact: info jpeterscomics. The official website of Michael Bradley - Author of novels, short stories and poetry involving the past, future, and what may have been. Skip to content.

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