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Anything that can be used in a manner to dictate your writing methods, such as grammar sometimes we have those not on purpose broken rules , punctuation, capitalization, structure, tone, voice, and even writing for the target audience. Rule upon rule upon rule, one after another after another after just one more — sometimes they are just begging to be broken. Worse yet there is a whole other set of writing rules, you know the ones that are self-imposed. Sometimes it is about robbing that stagecoach or getting in a shootout with the corrupt local sheriff.

I have seen how the rule-breakers have made it not only work but also make it work for the better. It adds a big something, a piece of awe to their piece of work. For instance:.

complicated heart by MLTR w/ lyrics

Kafka broke the rules, I mean who in their right mind could wake up as a giant cockroach? We could go on and on and on. So, what can we conclude from this philosophical exploration of the finer points of writing? Just because it may be okay to break a rule or two from time to time, does not mean the rules should always be ignored.

Study them studiously, even review them from time to time, pay attention to changes in English, meanings can change over very short periods of time. So, when the time comes to break a rule there are still some rules. Writing rules should never be broken out of ignorance 7. Writing rules should only be broken when it positively contributes to the piece through methods such as these:. Listening to you inner voice as writers I wish we all could learn to trust that gut a little more — me included ,.

Invoke meaning and clarity,. Show a sense of creativity, without interrupting the flow,. And last but not least…the greatest reason for breaking writing rules. Because you know you are a bad-ass wordsmith and believe that you can get away with it.

When breaking the rules is the smart thing to do and when the risk just isn’t worth it.

So, the next time you sit down to wrangle some words, remember the rules but also remember how the rules are always made to be broken. So, breakaway, break things without breaking language or meaning and you will do just fine. You, the message, and the reader will be the better for it. And that is why it is okay to break a rule from time to time. Vulgarity is not allowed, especially in a semi-formal exposition.

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Missing punctuation wooops. Really repetitive word choice. I just became their guy. When We All Fall Asleep has made a huge splash. How has it impacted you, and how do you see its broader impact on the music industry? I can't predict the future, but I do know that a lot of people are calling me to mix their records now. I was always busy but now it's been nuts.

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I hope what Billie did was pave the way for people to do what they want. I think that pop music goes in waves between being calculated and feeling freer. I knew they wanted the drums and the low end to feel huge, but also let the song shine. I just try not to get in the way. My mantra is, "Don't mess this up dude. When I listen to the album, I get both a sparse and full feeling simultaneously. Did it come to you with a lot of space? No, it came to me pretty full actually. If anything, I did some subtraction. But because there's so much space in the production, it makes the vocal feel massive. A lot of people don't realize that the less you put on a record, the bigger it sounds.

When you stack tracks it actually becomes small.

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You can turn it up super loud because the speakers are just thumping. How did you treat her voice to sound so haunting but beautiful?

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It came to me like a dream vocal stem. I have some basic EQ, often cutting out mids like 2. I have the PuigChild plugin on an insert for some compression, a little DeEsser for sibilance and then a Vocal Rider just to level things out.

In general R-Vox Renaissance Vox is my go-to vocal plugin for pretty much any source; it always does a great job. It just brings the vocal forward and levels it nicely. The other thing with Billie is super dry and intimate sounding vocals—no reverb or delay. There's not much trickery layered underneath, and all those cool vocal effects were already created.

Sometimes they would send me an FX return and the dry vocal, so I could treat the vocal my way and blend in their effects. Rock and Roll Guns N' Roses.

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