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The Anthony Wiener story had it all: rude photographs sent over Twitter, a famous politician caught with his pants down and a porn star in the shape of Ginger Lee. So naturally Lee hired Allred and the now traditional press conference followed at which Allred said her client would be only too happy to testify at any resulting ethics investigation.

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Wiener resigned. In the GOP race for the nomination there was nothing odder than the campaign of pizza magnate Herman Cain. Naturally when Sharon Bialek, emerged to say Cain had sexually harassed her, Allred was at her side. Cain's eccentric campaign, which had briefly made him the frontrunner, began to collapse.

Earlier this year Allred took on the case of Canadian beauty queen Jenna Talackova, who was ousted from the country's Miss Universe pageant after it was discovered she had been born male.

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She was allowed back in. Here are 10 of the strangest and most high-profile cases that she has been involved in.

Pete Sessions, congressman from Texas, was untouchable for 22 years. Not anymore.

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Ron Klepper said he was abused so often that he was too frightened to go to school. Edward Bowen said he drank and took drugs for years, trying to escape the memories of his abuse at the hands of a music teacher.

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Daniel Shapiro said he had spent 35 years believing he was alone in being abused. The men, now in their 40s and 50s, appeared with their lawyer, Gloria Allred , on Monday to call on their alma mater to investigate how, despite repeated complaints about them, teachers there were able to continue abusing students. They also called on New York State to pass a bill that would allow sexual abuse victims to pursue criminal prosecutions of their abusers even after the statute of limitations has passed, within a one-year window, and that would also extend, or eliminate, the statute of limitations.

Seiger, 51, was overcome as he described how the headmaster at the time, R.

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  • Inslee Clark Jr. Naturally Frey hired Allred to guide her through a wave of media attention. There is nothing Allred appears to like more than representing a spurned woman taking on a celebrity. But when that women is also a major world pop star in her own right, then it's jackpot time. A paternity test proved she was right too and Murphy agreed to cough up. As former pop princess Britney Spears's career and mental state went into a well-publicised meltdown in , she probably did not need Allred jumping into the mix too.

    Two more women accusing singer R Kelly

    But Allred took the case of her former bodyguard Tony Barretto who made lurid allegations about the one-time Disney favourite's partying lifestyle. In another case of a young woman taking on a powerful celebrity over sex Allred represented aspiring starlet Kristina Hagan in a sexual harassment case against former Buffy and Angel star David Boreanaz.

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    The star settled confidentially the next year. Of course, there was no way that Allred would not have been involved in the Tiger Woods scandal of Rachel Uchitel — by far the best known of Woods' mistresses — hired Allred to represent her. A confidentiality settlement worth millions of dollars followed shortly afterwards and just hours before Uchitel was set to give a press conference.

    The Anthony Wiener story had it all: rude photographs sent over Twitter, a famous politician caught with his pants down and a porn star in the shape of Ginger Lee.

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