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By , each unit had some 40 bikes at its disposal, mostly used to transmit messages. The military police also used bicycles, patrolling roads and managing traffic control stations behind the front. Many of the european military bike mounted groups wielded foldable bikes that they could carry on their backs to cross more difficult terrain.

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The bikes even came in handy for a more modern use -- they could be turned into man-powered generators for bringing electricity to the trenches. Bikes did not, however, make or break military power during the war -- they had many uses, but could not give an army an advantage the way tanks, planes and artillery could. Many of the proposed uses for bicycles -- carrying machine guns, transporting the wounded, scouting the front lines -- were impractical given the realities of Trench Warfare.

The bikes at the front also proved an outlet for fun and distraction. Check out the links in the podcast notes to learn more and to see some of the bike mounted infantry in action. The conference proceedings are soon to be published, and you can read more about them in this article. Plenty of room for keys, wallet, tablet and documents. And those are some of the headlines this week from the Dispatch Newsletter Subscribe by going to ww1cc.

This Forever Stamp shows a doughboy, gripping the American flag as barbed wire and biplanes loom over his shoulder. Check them all out by following the link in the podcast notes. Thank you for listening. Edward Lengel with a story about American troops that land in the UK. But the most onerous attack on the first amendment was coming. With that as background let's jump into our Centennial Time Machine and roll back years ago this week to learn more about the new Sedition Act!

Though President Wilson and Congress regarded the Sedition Act as crucial in order to stifle the spread of dissent within the country in that time of war, modern legal scholars consider the act as contrary to the letter and spirit of the U. Constitution, namely to the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

A part of the act also allowed the Postmaster General to refuse to deliver mail that met those same standards for punishable speech or opinion effectively blocking the mail dissemination of dissenting newspapers, pamphlets and flyers. It was directly applied to trying to control the socialist leaning organized labor movement, and one of the most famous prosecutions under the Sedition Act during World War I was that of Eugene V. Debs, a pacifist labor organizer and founder of the International Workers of the World the IWW who had run for president in as a Social Democrat and in , and on the Socialist Party of America ticket.

After delivering an anti-war speech in June in Canton, Ohio, Debs was arrested, tried and sentenced to 10 years in prison under the Sedition Act. Debs appealed the decision, and the case eventually reached the U. Supreme Court, in January of In March of , years ago this month the court ruled Debs had acted with the intention of obstructing the war effort and upheld his conviction. United States , when Charles Schenck, also a Socialist, had been found guilty under the Espionage Act after distributing a flyer urging recently drafted men to oppose the U.

Your right to free speech.. A very precious right and one that was effectively legislated against years ago this week, in the war that changed the world! We have links in the podcast notes a BUNCH of articles from the NY times where the espionage, trading with the enemy and sedition acts were applied.

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Mike, your post points out that the Germans are far from out of the fight and the allied troops are very near collapse - While Pershing, standing fast on his determination not to put American troop under British and French command turns out not to apply to all troops equally. You point to a palpable Allied desperation - It seems like, on the western front it truly is darkest before the coming dawn. The link to the blog and the post -- are in the podcast notes. The parade will be huge -- including marching bands, flags, celebrities, veterans of all ages, , cheering visitors, and TV cameras that will broadcast the parade across the country.

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Commission volunteers will walking the parade and giving out free packets of Poppy seeds as a symbol of remembrance and sacrifice of those who served in WWI. Read more about the National Memorial Day Parade at the link in the podcast notes. Joining us is Todd A. Great book title, Todd! Welcome to the podcast! The fleet set out to chase the submarines was pretty unique -- Why did we pick small, wooden vessels for the job? WWI was all about new tech…. What was the TECH side of chasing and attacking submarines?

What should we remember about this endeavor - and what did it lead to in the future? We have links for you in the podcast notes to learn more and how to get a copy of the book for yourself! Lufbery went on to command the 94th Aero Squadron when the Escadrille was disbanded in , and was an Ace three times over.

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He was killed in an aerial dogfight over Maron, France years ago this week on May 19, -- Here to tell us about his life and the commemoration in Connecticut is his great-nephew, Raoul Lufbery III. Raoul, welcome to the podcast! The commemoration took place in Wallingford, Connecticut -- how was it? Raoul - Thank you for joining us! Learn more about the recent commemoration of his life, and about his service in the war, by following the links in the notes.

Gentlemen - thank you so much for joining us! It very broad in perspective and a wonderful resource - especially for our listeners. Peter, how did Centenary News start? Who is behind it?

What are your most popular articles and stories? How did you come to that topic of interest -- and has there been a tendency to neglect or downplay the role America played in WW1 from the European point of view? The Armistice is coming up in November, Versaille the following June - what are Centenary News plans for coverage as the fighting stops? I really want to encourage our listeners to stop by your site at www. Gentlemen - Thank you so much for joining us today! Taken from the frantic flapping birds would perform as they attempted to fly, the phrase spread among the ground troops as well.

And there was a lot to be in a flap about during the war -- constant artillery barrages, snipers taking shots round the clock, poor food and living conditions -- the phrase probably got a lot of use in the trenches.

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Featuring the iconic Doughboy silhouette flanked by barbed wire so prevalent during WWI, you can proudly display this poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by U. Read the article at the link in the podcast notes. Finally -- this week was the centennial of a harrowing incident that helped establish the reputation of the Harlem Hellfighters. On the night of May 15, , Pvt. Henry Johnson and Needham Roberts, members of the all-black th Infantry Regiment, found themselves fighting for their lives against 20 German Soldiers out in front of their unit's trench line.

Johnson fired the three rounds in his French-made rifle, tossed all his hand grenades and then grabbed his Army-issue bolo knife and started stabbing. Both survived the incident -- and Johnson earned himself the nickname Black Death for his ferocious stand. The question of whether the African American unit would fight as well as any other was answered by his actions in the darkness of May 15th.

Tanveer Kalo, graduating Ronald E. A small retraction from last week.. Just a note to listeners, the transcript publishes about 2 days after the show.

Scouts, Planes and Sculptors: Episode The pages of the Official Bulletin, the government's war gazette, the newspaper, the New York Times and the magazine Aerial age Weekly are all filled with a story of scandal involving the US aircraft manufacturing industry. Charges of waste, incompetence, malfeasance and graft are being bandied about.

And one of the more interesting parts is that a key character leading the charges against the government's Aircraft production board and the airplane manufacturers is none other than Gutzon Borglum. Who the heck is Gutzon Borglum? You may ask.. Well, he is the sculptor who is going to become famous for a little sculpture he will do between and in South Dakota where he will sculpt four heads into the crags of a mountain called Rushmore… But in May of , already an established sculptor - he is busy accusing the US Airplane industry of incompetence!

Wilson today when he decided to turn the whole matter over to Atty. Gregory, who was instructed to make a thorough investigation of the "wholesale charges" in regard to the production of aircraft. The charges were made by sculptor Gutzon Borglum. Another sensational feature was added to the case tonight when it became known that Maj. Borglum of hampering the work of investigation undertaken by the latter, had countered the accusations with a request for a military court of inquiry.

The story is the big buzz in all the national news and aeroplane industry media.