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He finds himself lured to another world, hidden in a crack in the sunken garden of the family's new home. While exploring this fantasy world, David has many adventures and lives out his own fairy tale. Soon after the death of young David's mother, his father remarries and they move into Rose's country home. Rose tries to befriend her stepson, giving him the bedroom of her uncle, Jonathan Tulvey, who disappeared as a boy. After Rose gives birth to David's half-brother, Georgie, David begins to hear his books whispering, and he has fainting spells.

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When David is in the woods, he looks back towards his house and sees a mysterious figure in his room. His father helps him search the house; all they find is a magpie , which they release.

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The next day Rose and David argue, and David longs to escape from his new surroundings. As he lies in bed that night, he hears his mother calling him and he follows her voice outside to the sunken garden. While he looks for his mother, he notices lights in the sky and realizes that a German bomber is falling towards the garden. With nowhere else to go, he hides in a crack in the garden wall. By climbing into the wall, David is transported into a fantasy world where he meets the Woodsman.

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The two begin walking towards the Woodsman's home but end up running to safety from wolves and Loups wolves turned partially into humans. They meet Leroi, the first Loup and their leader. There is not enough food in the forest to feed them all. After several failed attempts to return to his world through the portal, it is decided that the best thing for David to do is to seek out the king and his Book of Lost Things. David and the Woodsman travel to the edge of the forest; as they approach a canyon guarded by trolls and harpies, a pack of wolves and Loups appear and attempt to capture David.

After solving the trolls' riddle, David can cross one of two bridges over the canyon. The Woodsman remains on the bridge to keep the wolves at bay but is overcome and dragged into the forest. David cuts the bridge's ropes, which keeps the wolves from crossing. On a road David sees seven dwarfs, who speak of "rights" and "liberties" and "resisting oppression. David spends the night with Snow White and the seven dwarfs, learning that she is gluttonous.

He also learns that unbeknownst to her, the dwarfs are mining diamonds. When parting, the dwarfs ask David to send them a suitor they can pay to marry Snow White. While picking apples, David sees a huntress kill a deer that has a young girl's head. The huntress captures David. He learns that she captures young children and animals to fuse their bodies together; with the body of an animal and the mind of a human, they make better sport for her.

David comes up with a plan, convincing the huntress that she would be a better hunter as a centaur. He disarms her by cutting off her hand and running away, while many of her experiments return and attack her.

After escaping the huntress, David encounters a soldier named Roland, who allows David to ride with him on his horse, Scylla, and accompany him on a quest to the Fortress of Thorns. They find a battlefield with many casualties; a tank from David's world sits there, as if it fell from the sky. Here David meets the Crooked Man, who promises David the life he had before his mother's death.

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The ground reflects what looks like his father, Rose, and Georgie dancing happily. The image transforms into one of Rose and David's father making love; David looks away, so overcome with anger that he cuts the Crooked Man with his sword. In the distance, howls fill the air as the wolves find another bridge to cross the canyon.

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  8. Roland and David spend the night in an abandoned church, where Roland explains that the king tried to force the people to follow a "new religion". During the night, David wakes to find Roland whispering to a locket with a picture of a young man. The next morning, David asks Roland about his quest; he explains he is searching for his friend Raphael who left to release a woman from a curse. They leave the church, followed by a wolf scout who is killed by the Crooked Man. Roland and David meet a group of hunters, who take them to their settlement for food and rest.

    A man named Fletcher lets Roland and David spend the night in his stable and eat with his family. Fletcher tells them of a terrible Beast which has been wreaking havoc. Roland speaks with the village elders; they agree that the best plan is for the women and children to leave the village for caves in the nearby hills, while the men stay behind to lure the Beast to his death with a tethered cow. After three nights the Beast appears. Roland tries to lure the worm-shaped Beast into the village, but it follows David instead.

    The Beast turns out to be female, and as she dies from her offspring bursting out of her body, the offspring are killed with fire. The next morning, the villagers return; Fletcher explains to Roland and David that it would be best if they leave quickly and gives David one of the Beast's claws as a keepsake. David wanders away from Roland and is pulled underground by the Crooked Man, who mocks his and Roland's friendship. The Crooked Man insinuates that Roland is homosexual and that he is only helping David because he desires him sexually.

    Meanwhile, Leroi and his pack have arrived at the settlement. Fletcher defies them, and they leave.

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    David and Roland continue their journey. Roland reassures David that his feelings towards David are only friendship and respect. Roland claims that his feelings towards Raphael are no one else's business. They reach the Fortress of Thorns, a great castle covered by thorny vines and surrounded with the bodies of knights killed by the enchantress.

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    At nightfall, the vines pull back to reveal a gateway. Roland leaves David with Scylla, entering the castle alone. After several hours, David enters the fortress to look for Roland. Each room David passes seems to be enchanted; one has a feast, which is poisoned, and another is a replica of his old room in Rose's house.

    He climbs to a chamber at the top of the tower; inside, impaled by thorns, are the bodies of Roland and Raphael. In the centre is a stone altar upon which lies a sleeping woman, who is his mother. He kisses her on the cheek and she opens her eyes, which are completely black; the woman now resembles Rose. David tries to run; she catches and tries to kiss him, but David scratches her face with the Beast's claw and she impales herself on the thorns.

    It's the latter. Take for example, two passages from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The study didn't disclose which excerpts were used, but it's not hard to imagine what they were like. Even Muggles know that Dementors are terrifying, so yes, the second passage, in this theory, is the kind of writing that will cause you to miss your subway stop. And not only that, but the latter passage also triggers completely different neural pathways than the former, leading much more clearly to the empathy portions of your brain.

    http://blacksmithsurgical.com/t3-assets/manual/nov-sixty-days-in.php So what does this mean? Well no, it can't yet tell us how to make an entire book immersive, because if there isn't any exposition at all we'd be all so confused about the book's plot that it would be hard to get lost in it. But it does showcase how books not only teach empathy, but the types of writing that can boost empathy even more. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever read The Fault in Our Stars , that reading fear-inducing text — and yes, fear doesn't have to be scary monsters, but it can be existential, too — can make you cry and feel empathy.

    But it's these kinds of studies that can only enhance people understanding the importance of reading, particularly among children as their brains age and advance.