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I really enjoyed this game when I was little. It's fun how you pick a puppy to be next to the bingo and it really helps you with multiplication, adding, subtracting, and more! It's a whole buncha fun!!

Excuse my language when I say buncha.. I'm from Oklahoma, haha well this game is real good and I love it!! I'm gonna give it 5 stars!! This game ain't hard, like times mentally! It's real fun and i loooove it! Requires iOS 9.

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Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Jul 5, Version 2. Size My son and I both loved it and had a blast reading it. The story is about a restaurant and the people , or rather animals that come into the restaurant in ever enlarging groups. The text is rhyming and well written. My son loved counting each group that came in figuring out after a few times that each group had one more animal than the previous group. It was a great opportunity to practice one to one correspondence as he counted on each page.

There was also a great message about there always being room for one more when all the chairs were taken and a mouse came knocking wondering if he could eat too! Actually as I type this my toddler is reading it. There are no words, just pictures and numbers and that makes it accessible for toddlers who are just learning both numbers and animals.

One Pup's Up by Marsha Wilson Chall

Parents can read it slowly counting and naming the animals while making the animal sounds, or more quickly just counting! The counting is simple and easy to follow along with but what makes this book standout for me is how sweet the bond between the generations are. My son loves this book because he calls his paternal grandma Mimi. When we read it we make the Grandma in the book Mimi and the little monkey becomes my son.

Eggs and Legs: Counting by Twos by Michael Dahl is a cute book with silly illustrations and a fun concept to teach counting by twos. The book counts from by 2s but each page has multiple depictions of each number including dots to count and the number in the text.

Fun and useful book. On the Launch Pad: A Counting Book About Rockets by Michael Dahl was a great find, my son loved counting down from with the bright illustrations , simple text and hidden numbers on each page. Something that seems simple but was really awesome was that each page had the number written as a word, shown as a digit and as dots to count. You can take the time to count each dot, read the word or simply recognize the digit! This Jazz Man by Karen Ehrhardt is my new favorite book. I love the bios at the end of the book because I want to learn more about jazz too.

OK back to the book, the book itself is a counting book,and my son who is 3 eats it up!

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He loves calling out the number and instrument as I read the rhyming text. The colors are so bright and the eye cut outs that give readers a sneak peak at what colors are coming next are fascinating for babies and kids alike. I have used this book for various themes like under the sea, shapes and of course counting. You count chickens as they dance all different styles, my favorite being the chickens who dance the hula!

The rhyming text is really fun and the pictures will make you giggle, I mean there are chickens in leotards doing ballet! Totally tickled my funny bone.

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The best part though is that it gets the reader involved after counting to ten, the chickens turn the tables stare at the reader and implore them to dance! One of my new favorite counting books. Gayzagian is a beautiful book. Visually it reminds me of an impressionist painting, the soft beach colors used by illustrator Kristina Swarner are calming and pretty. This is more than just a counting book, there is a story of a little girl at the beach,what she finds and how she plans to use them when she takes them home. The rhyming text builds and repeats as she eats and eats! My son was thoroughly entertained.

Ten Little Rabbits by Virginia Grossman is a really beautiful and cozy counting book. The reader follows Native American rabbits from one who is traveling on the plain to 10 all asleep in their tee pees. My son loved the illustrations by Sylvia Long and after reading it wanted to play hide and seek just like the rabbits in the book. The text is the simple rhyme and the pictures are photos of quilted numbers and buttons. The buttons correspond to the numbers and are so bright that they practically beg a child to touch and count them.

My daughter who is 14 months loves to push the buttons, trace the numbers and laughs at the hen. Very sweet book. Daddy Hugs by Karen Katz is a cute little counting book for toddlers. Edited for My daughter has always loved this book! The book as you might guess by the title is not about adding the obvious but rather the less obvious numbers in an illustration. Do not read this book with your child until they understand addition and counting.

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  • When they have those skills down this book is genius! I say that because it forces them to look at all different numbers of things to figure out what the author is counting. Readers see the equation first and the objects they are counting are usually hidden so you will have to turn the page to figure it out. Flip the page and you see they are cut open with many seeds in full view. Counting Wildflowers by Bruce McMillan is a simple book but it stands out for me because it is interactive with 20 circles to touch on every page that fill up as you count flowers on each page.

    The reader can count the blooms, and then count again with the circles , all the way up to When you are trying to reinforce a skill like counting the use of repetition is really helpful. Simple but great. What I love about this book is that the number is not shown on the same page as the objects the child is being asked to count. Instead a simple question of how many is followed by a painting with the objects, and the next page has a large number. A Violin by Lloyd Moss is a big hit at our house and if you have a child into music or musical instruments this is a great book.

    I am biased though my little man is really really into instruments and loves this book. Ten on the Sled by Kim Norman is a really fun and educational book. What is wonderful from an educational sense is not just the obvious counting element but as each animal exists the sled the verb used for how they exit begins with the same letter as the animal does. This was fantastic for my son who wanted to sound every animal and verb out. Add a fun rhyming sing song text and this is a great read.